Wires-X Rooms

CQ-UK 27793 UK-1
Hosted By GM7KBK
WIRES-X is an Internet communication system which allows stations to communicate with other amateur stations all over the world using a C4fm node.System Fusion is a digital communications mode for voice and data, including pictures.

Phoenix UK

Tg 2351 Slot 1,
Tg 922 Slot1
Ref 4409 Tg 9 Slot 2
This is the largest DMR network in the UK
DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio - an open digital radio standard. DMR has received global recognition as a technology that combines voice, data, features & applications.

Fcs Reflectors

Fcs 00420
: Fcs 23525 New YCS Server
Fcs 23535 New YCS Server
A FCS reflector supports Yaesu System Fusion it is a large server that can host up to 100 “Modules".

Ysf Reflector

YSF44195 001-CQ-UK

YSF27793 00-CQ-UK-C4FM
YSF reflectors work on Yaesu System Fusion but can only host one Room or Reflector.

XLX Server Dstar/Dmr

XLX Server is the newest edition of reflectors that allows you to use your very own D-Star or DMR reflector. With added harware you can transcode from D-Star to Dmr.

Echo Link


All Star

54025 Linked to DVSwitch suite of software


Pi-Star is a custom, pre-configured SD Card image for the Raspbperry Pi (and other ARM based single board computers). Pi-Star is the whole image, it is made up of a number of software components, but Pi-Star is the sum of its parts.


10922 Ip: Port:41400
NXDN is an open standard for public land mobile radio systems, that is systems of two way radios (transceivers) for bidirectional person-to-person voice communication, For use by police, fire, ambulance and other public safety organizations.


10120 Ip: Port:41000

P25 radios are commonly implemented by dispatch organizations, such as police, fire, Ambulance and Emergency Rescue Service, using vehicle-mounted radios combined with walkie-talkie handheld use.


Channel GB7AB
No Longer Linked


Channel CQ-UK
Contact Admins For Password.
Use crystal clear sound to communicate with your team mates cross-platform with military-grade security, lag-free performance & unparalleled reliability and uptime.


Global HBL27246

On the Peanut you can talk with HAM amateurs around the world via an Android device or network radio

Brandmeister Ireland

No Longer Linked

Brandmeister is tailored to the Motorola TRBO technology and allows for DMR repeaters to connect worldwide via the internet and link systems together by utilizing organized Talkgroups.


Tg 27246 Ip: Port:55555 Password: passw0rd
Tg 2351 Ip: Port:55555 Password: passw0rd
Independant Dmr Server based on the Brandmeister protocol
Looking for your own talkgroup contact Gm7kbk

SharkRF Ip Client

Using your openSpot and yaesu radio you can connect to a wires-x system and change rooms. In the openSpot menu select connectors, then SharkRF ip client. Settings should be:
Port: 65100
Password: gm7kbk
Freqency: 434.00000
You should now hear the CQ-UK (27793) room. To change room use the wires-x button.

YCS Server

New features have been implemented on the YCS servers.
A solution for connecting repeater bridges and hotspots using the C4FM / Yaesu Fusion 2 amateur radio digital protocol, with excellent operational quality and customized configurations. It is a project developed by Kurt OE1KBC.

CQ-UK: FCS23535
CQ-UK: FCS23525
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